Say NO to Artificial Syrups or Powders

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We are not your typical bubble tea shop. Experience the old-fashioned Taiwanese premium tea made with love & real ingredients

Say NO to Artificial Syrups or Powders

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Yifang's Story


My grandmother, Yi Fang, married to a young farmer. For three generations, our family has been planting pineapples for a living. 

Bending down and working hard all day long, that was their life in miniature. With an epiphany, grandma braised the overripe golden pineapples into preservable homemade jam. ​Our most sought out drink, Yifang Fruit Tea, inherited not only grandma’s name, but also her secret recipe. We have put the early-Taiwan epitome, historic memories and warm hospitality in this one cup of drink -- using home-made organic cane sugar, seasonal fresh fruits, natural ingredients (zero concentrated juice and powders. In every sip, you can taste the freshness of the tea and sweetness of the fruits, recreating the authentic and classic Taiwanese flavor all over again.

Winter Specials

Traditionally prepared hot teas are available now! Try our following #yifanglicious beverage

Majority of Yifang drinks on our menu can be prepared hot or warm. Here are a few traditionally prepared hot teas that we only serve in the winter season! 

Try our following #yifanglicious beverages to warm yourself up in the cold weather today!

👍🏻Luye ginger tea 鹿野薑茶
👍🏻Lemon ginger tea 薑汁檸檬薑茶
👍🏻Longan ginger tea 薑汁桂圓茶
👍🏻Longan and Jujube tea 桂圓紅棗茶

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